COVID-19 Help Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic presents us all with challenging times. We are having to respond to the uncertainty in our businesses to get through the immediate days and weeks the best we can. In addition we need to plan for ramping back up once things return closer to normal.

At Accord, we have launched this COVID-19 Help Hub to provide as much information as we can to help businesses like yours face the challenges bought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advice For Your Sage 300 System

Advice and tips for how customers can better use their Sage system during COVID-19.

Advice For Your Business

Advice and tips for customer's businesses during COVID-19, along with links to government websites.

Advice For Your Team

Advice and tips for customer's teams during the challenges of COVID-19.

UK Government - Business Support 

Click below for the latest UK goverment announcements for business support during COVID-19.

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