Data Centre Security

Our Data Centre is located on the Northern fringes of the City of London in a state of the art facility built to exacting and rigorous standards. It delivers unparalleled security, power, connectivity and environmental control.


Security of your mission critical data is of primary importance to us and that is why we have chosen a facility for our Data Centre that is highly secure. There is a full electronic access control system, based on proximity cards, PIN keypads, and biometric palm-scanners. In addition there is CCTV monitoring and recording of all access points and circulation areas.

Furthermore there is on-site physical security 24 / 7 both on the front desk and mobile patrols of the facility.

Power Systems

The data centre gets its power from dual 11,000 volt power from separate sub stations. There are three separate UPS systems each with a 15 minute battery autonomy.

Additionally, there are three diesel generators with automatic start in less than one minute in the event of a power failure. Each generator is capable of running 100% of the facility for 24 hours at full-load capacity. So if the world were to stop tomorrow, the data centre would still be able to function for another three days! There are also four additional power systems specifically for the telecoms network, each with four hour battery autonomy.


The network has been design from the ground up to offer high speed, high availability infrastructure that is fully redundant and resilient. The fully monitored and managed switches are powered by Cisco equipment. The network design ensures data can always be routed – even in the event of a device or link failure.


The facility is directly connected to the internet backbone for zero latency and has two fibre access points. This ensures fast and reliable connectivity. We employ a multi-provider strategy to ensure fully redundant network architecture. Current providers include BT, Colt, Cable & Wireless, Level 3 and Interoute.

Cooling and Fire Protection Systems

There is a fully redundant cooling system throughout the facility; cold air is circulated under floor and blown up through the server cabinets with hot air being extract out at the top. Fire protection is delivered by the V.I.E.W detection system (Very Intelligent Early Warning) both above and below the raised floor. There is also a smoke extraction system that is capable of 12 air changes per hour.

Carbon Neutral Data Centre Services

Power usage – emphasis on power efficient servers, Accord Online cares about the environment and we have taken two keys steps towards providing a Carbon Neutral Data Centre. Firstly, we have design of infrastructure on the use of highly power efficient servers. This has an immediate impact by reducing the amount of power we consume. Secondly we have launched a scheme in conjunction with the International Tree Foundation, where we plant trees for every new server we put into the data centre, helping our products to become Carbon Neutral by absorbing the CO² created by them. For more information on the scheme go to

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