Donít leave your project to chance - use our Collaborative Implementation

Your project is too important to leave to chance; that is why we have developed the Collaborative Implementation. It is based on a project methodology developed by our consulting team called the Value Driven Approach.

If your project has specific requirements, needs custom built reports, will implement any of our advanced modules or include interfaces then the Collaborative Implementation is right for you.

Using this method our consultants will work jointly with you to ensure all bases are covered and set strategies for your project that will ensure a successful implementation.

Attention to detail, delivery on time and to budget are all key to our approach.

How the Value Driven Approach can help you?

The Value Driven Approach ensures a rapid implementation in a controlled quality assured environment and contributes to project success in the following ways:

  • Delivery Focus: Puts delivery of the defined business benefits fully in the focus of the project. A system design workshop and documented Statement of Works Serves as a blueprint for ensuring that Sage ERP Accpac and Sage CRM are configured to meet your needs.
  • All Encompassing: It ensures during the planning stage that all 'bases are covered' and that delivery timescales and areas of responsibility are clearly set out.
  • Scales To Any Size Project: Large or small a successful project needs to be carefully managed. Our collaborative implementation recognizes that it is YOUR project and only uses consulting resources where the value can be clearly identified.
  • Value Driven: It ensures a clear mutual understanding of the expected benefits from the project, how they are to be measured and when they should be realised.

The Collaborative Implementation will bring about lasting, sustainable change in your organisation. Throughout the entire project, our dedicated accord consulting team works closely with your organisation, making sure your business objectives are met and delivering everything you need to achieve success.

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